Quito Little League is an organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth in our community. The commitment is to provide a little league program with qualified leadership. Safety, training, participation, fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play

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Quito LL Rules Clinic Agenda and Presentation Files

The Presentation Files are embedded on the second page. Double click the icon on the left to access each of the files

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Dual Umpiring Crew 

A plate umpire and a field umpire are the standard umpiring crew in Quito Little League during the regular season.  This handout has tips for positioning with 2 umpires.   

Practice on TimeDual umpiring crew positioning 


Umpire Basics Guide

District 57's umpire basics.  The "Scott" (named for the developer, Scott Nelson, Danville Little League), is a complete training tool for Little League umpire mechanics.   

Practice on TimeDistrict 57's "Scott" 


2018 Little League Umpire Registry

This Umpire Registry offers Little League umpires an informative way to stay on top of their game. By joining the Umpire Registry, umpires immediately become part of a unique information network charged with enhancing umpire services for Little League players everywhere.

The Umpire Registry provides an opportunity for umpires to stay current with rules and regulations, and offer suggestions that will continually improve skills. Umpires can access the latest information on rule interpretations, regulations updates, and more. As a member, you will have access to the Umpire Registry website that contains resources such as the Fairball newsletter, a quarterly publication that contains articles on rule interpretations, mechanics, and news concerning umpires; E-Rules; the Rules Instruction Manual (RIM); and 60- and 90-foot Field Mechanics Manuals.

Link to 2018 Little League Umpire Registry