Quito Little League is an organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth in our community. The commitment is to provide a little league program with qualified leadership. Safety, training, participation, fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play

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AAA Division
Tryouts are required to assess ability.

Allowable age range: 8-12

Geared for:
- 9 & 10 yr olds who have mastered the skills of AA
- 11 yr olds with limited experience or requiring more development time before entry to Majors
- 12yr olds that parent/guardian request by waiver

AAA is the highest level of competition in the Minors Division. Managers draft players based upon tryout ratings and their individual team needs. All players are evaluated prior to team formation in the areas of hitting, catching, throwing, and base running. Each player must play a minimum of three innings in a six-inning game. Coaches focus on developing individual and team skills to prepare them for the Majors Division. Game scores and standings are recorded. Upon completion of the regular season, a post-season playoff tournament is held. The First Place team from the tournament advances to the District Level Tournament of Champions

Skill Goals:
- Continued focus on good sportsmanship and team play!
- Arm strengthening through practice (long toss)
- Batting skills development including bunting and pitch selection
- Increased development of catchers as importance of position increases at this level.
- Pitching emphasis on good mechanics, injury prevention
- Develop base running skills for situational play
- Fielding emphasis on getting behind the ball and setting up the throw, getting ball to the correct
position for the out or to keep the runners from advancing.

Usually 2 practices per week and 2 games, one of which is always on Saturday.