Quito Little League is an organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth in our community. The commitment is to provide a little league program with qualified leadership. Safety, training, participation, fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play

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AA Division
Player evaluations required to assess ability

Allowable age range: 7-10

Geared for:
7-10 olds with baseball experience that have mastered skills of A division
Rules Restrictions: 10yr olds NOT allowed to pitch

AA is a developmental Division with semi-competitive play. All players are evaluated prior to team formation in the areas of hitting, catching, throwing, and base running. Managers draft players based upon tryout ratings.  Coaches are encouraged to emphasize player instruction and development. Coach and player pitch.  Each player must play a minimum of three innings in a six-inning game. Nine players are assigned to field positions each inning, and all roster players bat whether assigned to the field or not. Game scores are recorded, but not used. Upon completion of the regular season, all teams participate in a post-season playoff tournament to determine first and second place. 

Skill Goals:
- Develop batting skills through proper stance and determination of pitches to swing at.
- Develop fielding skills (infield and outfield positions, making the play at the correct base, backing up plays at the plate and in the field).
- Develop base running savvy (when to run and listening to the 1st and 3rd base coaches).
- Develop proper sliding technique.
- Develop tracking skills
for catching fly balls.
- Pitchers learning proper throwing mechanics.
- Develop good sportsmanship and respect for umpires.

There are usually 1 practice per week and 2 games, one of which is always on Saturday.